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Post - Hurricane Matthew info:

Zone 1 -- SE 58th
to SE 40th Street

Zone 2 -- SE 40th to Middleton 

Zone 3 -- Middleton - 27th Place West

Zone 4 -- 27th Place - end of West Beach

The Town will make one pass along Beach Dr., picking up disaster- related debris that has been placed within the right-of-way (ROW). The Town will NOT pickup brown and white goods. This pickup is for materials already physically removed by Hurricane Matthew. The Town will NOT pickup construction debris from post-storm work done to houses/decks/walkways, etc. Construction debris should be removed by contractor or the homeowner doing the work and taken to the Brunswick County Landfill.

After the initial pass along Beach Dr. is completed, then staff will pick up the SE streets within the Zone and if needed the basic re-grading of those Streets will be done at that time to make them functional again. After SE streets within that zone are completed, then Dolphin will have debris picked up. Staff would then move on to the next zone. After the first passes are completed in all zones, we will repeat the steps, if needed, and try to get back to the normal debris collection schedules as soon as possible.

DO NOT place debris on water meters, manholes, storm drains, power boxes or lean items against street sign, light poles, etc.

DO NOT remove any sand at this time or redistribute on site without contacting the Town for utilities locates 910-201-8007 and No Cuts 800-632-4949. If damage is fault of owner or contractor, they will have to pay for repairs. Please call.

DO NOT place your sand from driveways or other areas within the ROW - it must remain on your property to be reused by owner.

PLEASE SEPARATE YOUR DEBRIS: If debris is NOT separated we cannot pick it up. Each type of material will need to be placed in separate piles. Construction debris in a pile and yard debris in separate pile. Yard debris will still need to be separated - leaves, limbs, beach material.

DO NOT PLACE Hazardous Material in ROW: paints, paint thinners, wood stain, gear oil, antifreeze, motor fluids, pesticides, ant killer, roach killer, Black Flag, DDT, Raid, Round-up, barbecue lighter fluid, gasoline, starter fluid, batteries, these are just a few, please make sure you do not place these in ROW. Town WILL NOT pick them up. Items can be taken by owners to Brunswick County Landfill.

PLEASE BE PATIENT we are working the beach front areas first, we will also be keep a grapple truck running in the other areas collecting regular yard debris. We also have to clean the tidal ditch out from SE 40th to SE 59th along Dolphin Dr. We will get things picked up and back in order as quick as we can, as we gain on collection of materials along the beach we will then be adding more resources to the other areas. We will continue to keep posting work in progress and the changes that may be made. Town staff THANKS everyone for their continuing efforts and support to get our town cleaned up and back to a Great Place to Live, Work and Play.

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